Vermont, love won in Women’s March on Montpelier and Unity Rally on January 21, 2017

15,000-20,000 strong marched in Vermont’s Women’s March on Montpelier, and more waving their signs in solidarity from the highway. Speakers who told the truth and inspired our hearts to action. Vermont stood proud, with our messages of peace, unity, and action in solidarity with millions of other human beings around the globe.

Thanks for coming, Bernie.

Early coverage of Vermont events:

What now? Now, it’s up to us.

Here’s where we can start:

  1. Read the Women’s March on Washington’s 10 Actions for 100 Days: collective action projects to keep our voices raised.
  2. Visit the Supporting Organizations page of womensmarchonmontpeliervt.org. Many of these are nonprofits and advocacy organizations throughout the state that use volunteers and donations. Contact the ones in your region or area of interest and see how you can get involved. And support our for-profit partners too!
  3. Speak out. Send your best photos to your local weekly. Write letters to the editor about what the march meant to you. Tell your neighbors on Front Porch Forum what it meant and what you plan to do next.
  4. Remember that what happens next is up to all of us. We all have a stake in the future, and we each have the power to change it.
  5. Keep visiting and sending people to womensmarchonmontpeliervt.org for information and to sign up for our email list!

    Stay tuned. Stay involved. Thank you for making Saturday, January 21, 2017 a bright and beautiful day. We love you, Vermont. 

Photo credit: Graham Swaney, a senior at Mount Mansfield Union High School, documented the Women’s March on Montpelier and Unity Rally with his aerial camera.


Why We March

Women and Our Allies:
Come March on Montpelier! Raise Your Voice!

Why I'm coming to March on MontpelierWe are Coming to Montpelier to…

PROTECT Women’s Bodies:
Physical Safety
Reproductive Rights
Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Environmental Health

AFFIRM Women’s Diversity:
Identities, Histories, and Experiences of People of Color
Sexual and Gender Identities, Orientations, and Expressions
Multiple Abilities
Immigrant, Migrant, Refugee Experiences
Religious Freedoms
Cultural Expressions
All Ages

Why I'm coming to March on MontpelierVALUE Women’s Work:
Equal Pay
Fair Wages
Family-Fair Policies

RESPECT Women’s Contributions:
Science, Art, Literature, Society, Sports, Entertainment, Caregiving, and other endeavors

UNIFY Women’s Allies:
Women’s Rights Are Human Rights!